Brightview LED Backdrop

Brighten up your life…and your events with Cameron’s dynamic LED backdrops.

‘Awe-inspiring’, ‘impactful’ and ‘affordable’ are words commonly used by clients describing what they’re looking for in a stage backdrop, exhibition stand or product launch. As always, we’re happy to oblige!

What they’re describing are our Brightview LED panels. With a 25mm pixel pitch, the Brightview LED panels are a stunning means to display motion graphics and lighting effects that will enhance your event or brand message. Our panels are lightweight and modular (1.6m x 0.8m) making them quick and easy to install and derig, reducing labour costs. We can be more flexible to meet your budget by offering depth with sections and columns, rather than just a wall of LED.

When black, Brightview LED appears invisible, so it integrates brilliantly with any set, whilst the media server allows for content to be displayed across any configuration of panels for maximum effect. Our creative team work with you to ensure your event gets the WOW factor you want!
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Why Brightview?

  • Lightweight & modular
  • Stunning colour quality
  • Plays video, graphics and animations
  • Enhances brand/event message