Scottish Transport Awards

Once again Cameron Presentations were honoured to be working with Transport Times on the 2015 Scottish Transport Awards.  Through our creative process, working alongside the client, we created a set design that fitted perfectly with the awards.  Celebrating all things transport we gave the audience a night to remember.

Using our bespoke circular screen, we created the perfect centrepiece for projection.  This was backed up with two half truss arcs on either side with a creative lighting design.  The goal was to stay within the theme of transport but add a modern twist.  We opted to use our own stock of 55″ Panasonic LED Video Wall panels to create two side screens.  These replaced the standard projection screens used in most awards shows.  Our in-house multimedia team created the content, knowing that using the videowall would allow them to showcase vibrant colours and motion graphics; the brightness of the screens ensured we got the intended impact.

The plan was to open the room with a subtle lighting state with all screens off.  This gave the impression of a small set with no side screens.  As the intro sting started to play the room came alive.  A fully programmed lighting script backed up our motion graphics to add a theatrical feel.  You can judge from the video above how successful it was.

Set-up for this event was done over 2 days using a crew of 8.  The venue had another event on in one half of the ballroom during the first rig day.  With a little planning, we managed to get most of the equipment in place ready for a full rig the following day.  With careful planning and project management we had the entire rig done by 3:30pm ready for a full rehearsal at 4pm.  From the ‘behind the scenes’ time-lapse above, you can see exactly what goes into creating an event like this from start to finish.

Our in-house technicians planned and ran the whole event from start to finish.

Services included:

  • Audio Visual Hire
  • Set Design
  • Content Creation
  • Motion Graphics Sting
  • Live Production
  • Timelapse
  • Project Management
  • Stage Management

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