The Nature of Scotland Awards

The RSPB is all about protecting wildlife that is under threat and Scotland’s Natural Heritage.  The Nature of Scotland Awards is all about praising the people that work on protecting Scotland’s Wildlife and Heritage.

The Nature of Scotland Awards use a lot of coloured lighting to improve the look of their events.  We projected onto two screens on either side of the stage and that was used for displaying the presentation and one screen in the centre as a backdrop and to display sponsor logos.  Our in-house production team created the content for the projections and TV screen, this was created to go along with the green theme. This creates a look that all matches and creates an impressive atmosphere to be around during the event.

Even with minimal features in your event, good lighting and content can turn any room into your desired look.



Services included:

  • Audio Visual Hire
  • Set Design
  • Content Creation
  • Live Production
  • Project Management

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